Michael René Sell
Zwischensein (Lächzung)
Performance, Roominstallation, Sound

105 min

performance by .J.J.Ramsauer and Michael René Sell

'Lächzung' is the third part of Michael René Sell's performative self portrait series 'Zwischensein', in which he examines different states of personal experiences by reproducing the original condition with artistic means.
'Lächzung' deals with the shift (constriction and expansion) of social frames, the lust for the existence in this frame, the dullness of lingering and the consequential manipulation of overriding frames.
The installation is also the set for the second music video of Sell's musical solo project `Kein Koerper`. Parts of the video are shot everyday during the exhibition and as well while the performance is taking place.


Complete Soundwork