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2015 - 2021

academy of fine arts vienna

class: constanze ruhm


E.N.P.E.G. La Esmeralda Mexico City





‚Most people somehow don‘t like to work with glass wool. I loved it when my dad called me into the store, the basement, the garage or the shelter to remove glass wool or replace it with new one. While you were working, afterwards, whilst breathing, in the shower (never use hot water) and even when you went to bed you knew what you were doing or had done.‘

Working in this interstice is what defines my work. I‘m distorting the incomprehensible until I‘m able to communicate with it. The lust for a special material and the essence of associated data radically pro- cessed form multimedia artworks that unite different artistic disciplines as weaving, embroidery, drawing, lyrics, sound and video in topic-related roominstallations an sound performances





The System Still Needs You To Fail I Solo I Semperdepot and Bitterer Ernst


Ich Habe Ein Heartptroblem Melde Mich Wenn Ich Wieder Ganz Bin I Groupshow I Bitterer Ernst




Digitaler Freitod I Sound Performance I Parallel Vienna 


Digitaler Freitod Und Das Leben Danach I Bitterer Ernst


Neues Jahr Neue Kunst I 20 Zeitgenössische Positionen aus Wien



Suicido Digital I Lopez Gallery Mexico City

Suicido Digital 0.2 I La Esmeralda/ Mexico City


Willkommen In Österreich - Premiere I Filmperformance I Schikaneder Kino


St. Petersburger Erhängung I IKO GALLERY I Wien

Mala Sirena Choir I The Ghost WIthin I Wiener Festwochen


I Now Prefer Grey Skies I Format(.*strk) I Vienna


The Internet Is Our Church I Showroom Karlsplatz I Vienna


Lohnt es sich noch vorbei zu kommen? I q202 rundgang I Vienna


Gerausch I Rundgang Akademie Vienna


I Now Prefer Grey Skies I Obama Vs. Trump I Performance


Deutsche Dominanz I Gare du Noord I Amsterdam I Solo

Artists Waste / Wasted Artists I Mican Offspace I Vienna / Group

Unsere Neuen Landsleute I Red Carpet Showroom I Vienna / Solo


Zwischensein - Lächzung I Aquarium Vienna I Solo

The Passion I Performance I Stephansplatz Vienna

IHR NICHT WIR I Red Carpet Showroom I Vienna I Group

Michael René Sell I Deutsche Dominanz I Release

I Now Prefer Grey Skies I Performance I Rundgang Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna

Headache Of Truth I Rundgang Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna


I HAVE THE BEST ARTS I Semperdepot Atelierhaus VIenna I Solo

Zehrbrauch (Das Haeuten) I  Kubatour Des Kabinetts Vienna I Performance

Consumed (Büsra Arli) I EKA Gallery I Tallinn

Das Haeuten  I Zehrbrauch I Release

Einigen Schweben Noch In Lebensgefahr I Schaustelle Vienna I Group



08/03/2018 OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) Catalog / Red Cross / Sotheby's

19/09/2017 Artists‘ Waste, Wasted Artists Catalog /

How can art rethink norms and values and create impulses for social change / circulation 200

07/2017 Vormagazin: Ausbrüche aus Alltagsmustern / circulation 40000