‚Most people somehow don‘t like to work with glass wool. I loved it when my dad called me into the store, the basement, the garage or the shelter to remove glass wool or replace it with new one. While you were working, afterwards, whilst breathing, in the shower (never use hot water) and even when you went to bed you knew what you were doing or had done.‘

Working in this interstice is what defines my work. I‘m distorting the incomprehensible until I‘m able to communicate with it. The lust for a special material and the essence of associated data radically processed form multimedia artworks that unite different artistic disciplines as drawing, lyric, sound and video in topic-related roominstallations or performances.


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since 2015 

academy of fine arts vienna

class: constanze ruhm

since 2019

E.N.P.E.G. La Esmeralda Mexico City